Dana Mayfield - CEO
With over 26 years of experience in building maintenance,  Dana
Mayfield has advanced skills in technical project management and
coordinating desirable objectives with property executives,
engineers, contractors and suppliers.  His vision and deep
commitment to total customer satisfaction is the core principle that
drives the company.  He is also responsible for the company’s
overall operations, strategic direction and business planning.

Janice Mayfield - Director of Administration
Versed in every aspect of business, Janice Mayfield oversees the
company’s human resource department, accounting, service
scheduling, customer service, recruitment, career advancement,
benefits and compensation.  Her keen attention to these
responsibilities supports the company’s goal of “Doing it right the
first time” and pledge to “Keep every promise we make.”  
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AAA Executive Team
Richard Domiguez - Operations Manager
Phillip King has over 15 years experience in the window cleaning
industry.  He began as a window cleaner himself, then became a
supervisor and now a manager.  He is skilled in creating and
initiating efforts that drive customer satisfaction and safety
performance.  His ability to pay attention to detail and act upon
those details to solve customer problems in the business has
earned him the trust and respect of our clients

Sherrie Napolitano - Executive Administrator
For over 10 years Sherrie Napolitano has worked in the
Administrative field and is a valuable member of the AAA
management team.  Her involvement with the Avendra program
helps us to stay in compliance.  She is responsible for regional
and national Avendra customers. Her responsibilities include
account management, field support and customer relations.  
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